Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Suggestions from Craig : 5 Bad Ass Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

A friend of mine in Austin sent this e-mail to me this morning. I found it entertaining and musically relevant so why not just post it here? I'm not familiar with any of the songs listed, so if you are, let me know if they are truly 'bad ass.'

Here is an email that started to send about 4 years ago. Occasionally I have run across it and thought that I should go ahead and send it. Other times I have thought it was a silly email and should be discarded as a relic from the past. Also, it was never finished. But still, over the years, I keep thinking about this email for some reason. I keep regretting that I never sent it.

So here it is folks. The legendary (in Craig's mind) email that time almost forgot. Actually, let me qualify this, it isn't really an email. It is just a list, I never got around to writing the surround fluff text, as I have done so nicely in this email. It's called "5 Bad Ass Songs You Probably Haven't Heard"

1. Montrose - Rock Candy
2. Run DMC - Here We Go 2001
3. Extreme - It's a Monster
4. Tommy Lee - Fame 2002

You will note that I never came up with a fifth item. I would also like to point out in case of the unlikely event that any of you actually listen to any of these songs, I'm not claiming that they are great songs, I am claiming that they are "bad ass."

I am resisting the urge once again to not send this nonsensical email. I hope that the burden of having sent this will be less than that of having not. Now you all must share my curse.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check these songs out.
I'm glad to hear from Craig (if only through your blog). I miss him.