Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beck lets loose two more tracks from Modern Guilt

Over on iLike, Beck has released two more full-length tracks from the upcoming Modern Guilt. The two tracks, Orphans and Gamma Ray, are excellent little nuggets, too. This is important because of that pesky game of expectations. The caliber of the three tracks released thus far (the other one being Chemtrails) is hinting at a Beck rejuvenation. I haven't been the biggest fan of his most recent works (e.g. The Information, Guero)...passable but not especially memorable; however, my expectations are climbing by the minute as I await Modern Guilt's leak. Interestingly, although the album isn't out officially until July 8, you can hear it on a jukebox across the country starting July 1st. I know I don't exactly frequent bars anymore, but who knew jukeboxes were still a source of amusement? Silly me.

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Kyle said...

Thanks for posting about these tracks, was the first I've heard about them.