Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Portishead interview

PopMatters has posted a nice little feature article and interview with Portishead, who returned triumphantly to the music scene this year with their Third LP. And since you asked, yes, the album is incredible. If you're gonna tell me that trip-hop is SO last decade, don't bother. This isn't trip-hop. It's still Portishead (i.e. Beth Gibbons' voice, cinematic, dark as hell), but there's little in the way of hip-hop beats to be found this go-round. I haven't mentioned it before, but Third is easily my pick for AOTY so far, even surpassing the like of Wolf Parade, Nick Cave, Shearwater, etc. To come back after a ten year hiatus and put out material like this is nothing short of amazing.

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