Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uncut wants your vote - Best Bowie Song

My musical lord and savior David Bowie has too many good songs for this sort of thing. I couldn't even choose a favorite Bowie persona, much less a single song. It stresses me out even to narrow it down to a Top 20. But if you're a bit more decisive or just love 'Fame' like no other, go rock the vote at Uncut's request.

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Anonymous said...

1. Sunday 2. Ashes to Ashes 3. The Man Who Sold the World 4. Time 5. Future Legend & Diamond Dogs 6. Cygnet Committee 7. Life on Mars 8. I`m Deranged 9. It`s No Game (part 1.) 10. Slip Away 11. God Knows I`m Good 12. Heathen 13. 5:15 Angels Have Gone 14. Wild is the Wind 15. The Pretty Things are Going to Hell 16. Pallas Athena 17. I Can`t Read 18. Wild Eyed Boy from the Freecloud 19. Sex and the Church 20. Sons of the Silent Age 21. The Loneliest Guy 22. I`m Always Crushing with the Same Car 23. Young Americans 24. Shining Star 25. The Secret life of Arabia 26. She`s Got Medals 27. Sound and Vision 28. Please mr. Gravedigger 29. TVC 15 30. `STARMAN`