Friday, May 09, 2008 to release original video series

According to cnet, up and coming and musically-inclined social networking site (owned by not so up and coming, huge conglomerate CBS) has announced an original video series titled " Presents." The programming will initially feature interviews with musicians and concert footage. Moby and Spoon are two early participants.

I think it's safe (and obvious) to say that original web programming is a rising trend in the music industry. I'm talking about professional material, not of the user-uploaded variety. There has been an abundance of music video sites for quite some time, with companies like Viacom (MTV), News Corp. (MySpace), Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc. in the mix, but it's that original programming that interests me. There seems to be another announcement and debut every other week in 2008. Which one will take over and dominate the medium, a la MTV? MTV Networks themselves even? Or will the content remain too niche-oriented for some web-MTV to come along and destroy the competition? The internet in its nature is highly nichy, except for the Googles of the world, so my bet and hope is for the latter. I'm probably wrong. If anyone knows of any good music video sites with original, exclusive series, let me know. I'd love to check 'em out.

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