Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beck follows suit

As reported by Rolling Stone:
Is Beck on the verge of pulling a Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Raconteurs? According to MTV News, the singer is set to release his new, Danger Mouse-produced album in a matter of weeks. While his publicist and label would not confirm the report, sources close to the Beck camp insist that the album could be out as soon as four to six weeks.

Gotta admit, I like this growing trend of full-length album insta-releases without the typical 4-5 month hype and marketing build-up. There's something more pure and equalizing about everyone receiving and hearing a new album at the same time. No advance press to sway or adjust your expectations...just a clean slate for everyone. No outside interference or influence to alter your experience. Plus, I love the idea of a kid hearing a new album from their favorite band at the same time as a record executive or Pitchfork. The privilege of access evaporates if only for a moment. Can't imagine that record labels or the press appreciate it as much, so who knows how commonplace this will ever become. But try to at least appreciate the ideal.

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