Saturday, May 17, 2008

New musical set to Bowie hits has songwriter's approval

NME is reporting David Bowie's approval for the use of his songs in the musical production and remake of Bowie's own 1976 cult film The Man Who Fell to Earth (see creepy still from film above). Things are still in preliminary stages, but director Peter Schaufuss of Denmark plans to debut the musical this fall in his native country. I'll take it a step further and predict the sci-fi Bowie musical will be a sensation. It will then move up the ranks to London, and then Broadway by late 2009. It will be adapted into another feature film, this one starring Jude Law in the Bowie role, to be released in 2011. And at long last, The Man Who Fell to Earth will take home the Oscar! Abba can suck it!

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