Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Current to host Free Yr Radio concert w/ Yeasayer!!

A detail-oriented friend of mine happened across a random Minneapolis concert date posted on Yeasayer's MySpace page and after a bit more research, I discovered that indeed it is true. The Current and Free Yr Radio are co-sponsoring a Yeasayer gig on July 30 here in Minneapolis. No word on the venue yet or any other details. In fact, so far I haven't heard any news of this from The Current and they usually promote the hell out of these things. I'm sure a formal announcement will come soon, if it's already on the Yeasayer and Free Yr Radio calendars. I e-mailed an inquiry over to their blog, so hopefully they'll just come out with the info. sooner rather than later. As for Yeasayer, looks like those wacky dudes are stopping here for a one-off show right before heading on to Lollapalooza in Chi-town. Fantastic news!

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