Friday, April 18, 2008

Yeasayer Take-Away Show

If I was in town this weekend, you can bet I'd be at tonight's highly anticipated Man Man & Yeasayer show at the Varsity. I would have been that guy with his arms crossed, standing motionless off to the side, ever so slightly nodding his head in rhythm; or if he'd had a drink or two, maybe he'd even have some inconspicuous leg shaking goin' on during 2080. Yep, that'd be me. I stand out in a crowd.

Man Man has garnered a reputation as an insane Les Savy Fav-type of live act, but I've yet to catch 'em, dammit. I have seen Yeasayer a few times now and they are a lot of fun and improving with each show I've my wife has recently fallen for the dirty fellas, too. It would have been a great date for two old and tired parents. Oh well. If you are in town tonight, and it's not sold out, do me a favor and go for god's sake.

In the meantime, check out Yeasayer's joyfully communal Take-Away show in downtown Paris. Do musicians ever shower?

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Anonymous said...

We would have rocked that show tonight! I guess we'll have to our own rock concert with GUITAR HERO!