Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - A First Impression is a little over a week old now. Enough time for me to explore a bit and and offer up my first impression. If you haven't been there yet, it's well worth a bookmark. They've already debuted some amazingly exclusive performances (like this), original programs, not to mention full-length rock documentary films (on the Pixies, Air, etc.). Hard to find that kind of content anywhere else on the net or on television for that matter. Then there's the music videos. You could probably find most of the videos on YouTube or elsewhere but you can't beat having such an organized, one-stop channel. The viewer is excellent and bug-free thus far. offers up embedded content, as I've demonstrated below, but only for a subset of the music videos, not for any of the featured or exclusive stuff. So yes, yes, consider me impressed.

My only bone to pick has to do with see, I wanted more videos. For some reason, I was expecting Pitchfork, in all their power and influence, to have gathered this enormous and comprehensive library of music videos from the very beginning. The advance hype and publicity had me expecting a 24/7 MTV replacement (sans annoying VJs), and it just isn't to that point yet. started with about 40 or so videos in the catalogue and continues to post 3-4, maybe 5 new videos each day but that ain't enough. I'm greedy! Granted, it is still "beta" and it's been just over a week, yeah,'s all about your expectations. Anyway, is very promising so I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt for now and assume that even better things are still to come.

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