Monday, April 21, 2008

Cover Art

This little blurb on the demise of the record sleeve got me thinking...I've always been a bit of a music fetishist, preferring a physical album over binary code. I love cover art, the lyrics and all of those little details that go into a package. When done right, it all adds to the music itself. That being said, I got over it and have now fully embraced digital music. I no longer purchase actual CDs, though I do like to pick up the occasional vinyl. Anyway, I figure the best way to sum it up is to do a quick list: the Best and Worst albums covers of all time. Obviously, the options are too overwhelming to really settle on any single choice, but I'll offer up two 'Best' and two 'Worst' for your consideration. Feel free to offer up some good alternatives yourself.


The Clash - London Calling (1979)

The Velvet Underground Nico - S/T (1967)

(i.e. pick a Prince album)

Prince - Lovesexy (1988)

Prince - Planet Earth (2007)

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