Friday, April 18, 2008

Musical IQ test

Here's a fun little quiz from eMusic. Just take it on the fly and don't cheat. I scored a 126, which according to their cheeky scale labels me as a...

Mix-Tape Master (109-144 points)
You are a music evangelist: the person in your network of friends who always has the coolest new song, the one whose iPod gets picked to DJ every party. You understand the art of the segue, how the key to the best mix-tape isn't just the songs you pick, but how they interlock with each other. You also know who the up-and-coming acts are and are quick to recognise where their influences lie and whether they will make it big. You work hard at the pursuit of this knowledge, scouring music blogs, magazines and record stores. Most importantly, you are generous with your passion – and your friends should be very, very grateful. Still, it’s always good to get new inspiration for your latest mix.

Not bad, eh?
What did you score?

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Ben said...

66/180 - Air Guitarist

Yeah, this one seems pretty apt:

Music, you believe, isn't so much about knowledge as it is about feeling. Sure, someone might be able to rattle off the recording dates for every Johnny Cash Sun session – so what? That's just academic. Music is your soundtrack to everything: your drive home from work, morning jog and Sunday lunch. However, you'll be the first to admit you aren't very good at going out and discovering new acts and aren't susceptible to the hype, "just gimme the good stuff," we hear you cry. After all, not everyone’s a music expert – if only someone could make some recommendations to help you out.