Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to name your rock band

Here's a nifty little tool for you aspiring musicans out there. Thanks to NPR's All Things Considered blog for pointing this out.

It's pretty simple. You type in a word or phrase and it spits out a nice list of suggested band names. Let's give it an inmature try.

When I type in Poo I get the following list:

Poo Effect
Poo Eskimo And The Futuristic Hand
Poo Hill
Poo Medicority
Porcine Poo
Rabid Poo
Poo Assassin
Disrupted Poo
Poo Company
Poo Dogma And The Progressive Express

One more shot for good measure. How about Mango...

#9 Of The Mango Atom
Mango Him
Blurry Mango
Mango Mood
Mango Slate
Intimate Knowing
Mango Of The Daughter
Mango Wheel
Mango Haze
Miserable Mango Of The Old Pot

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