Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deerhoof leaks new music from upcoming album Offend Maggie

You've probably figured this out, but we're in the midst of a very unique and exciting time in music. Each and every day, musicians/bands of all shapes and sizes are showing remarkable creativity in marketing and releasing music via the internet. Contrary to popular belief, it ain't just Radiohead breaking the mold. New, inventive ideas are popping up all the time. There are no rules (yet).

For example, I came across this interesting twist on Radiohead's popular fan remix experiment...

Deerhoof have released the sheet music to 'Fresh Born,' the first single from their upcoming LP Offend Maggie which hits the street October 7th via Kill Rock Stars. They're inviting us fans to download the sheet music, record our own version of the song, upload it and present the link. It doesn't say so, but I'm assuming all submitted MP3s will be available for public listening. According to the site, Deerhoof's version of 'Fresh Born' will be shared soon.

Here's the score, but go download the PDF if you want a better version to work from:

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Anonymous said...

hey dude, its your bro-in-law saying that this song might need a hoohaa twist