Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween??

What is going on here? I wish I had dressed up in some elaborately scary or hilariously inappropriate costume and gone to a party or gone to a show. Instead, I gave piles of candy to kids who don't say "Trick or Treat?" and weren't even in costume?! Now since when are kids just coming up to some stranger's door and asking for candy without fulfilling those very simple but also very necessary requirements? Because without those key pieces of the game, they're just fuckin' kids stealing candy from a stranger. Call me the Halloween grinch. Next year, we're turning off the porchlight and having a Halloween party of our own. You are invited!

Speaking of the grinch, now that Halloween is here and gone, time for X-mas season! If you didn't just throw-up in your mouth, come with me and celebrate the upcoming season with your pal Sufjan right here. You know you love Christmas albums. Admit it.

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