Friday, October 20, 2006

Broken Social Scene

Thanks to guest blogger Jay Flyer for posting on Indianapolis BSS show...and damn them for skipping Mpls:

Last night’s show at the Vogue in Indy sounded great… Amy Milian was present, but no Leslie… boo. Anyway, there was a bit of tension on stage… in the midst of Almost Crimes the lead guitarist/backing vocals missed his queue… Kevin Drew immediately stopped the song waving his hands in the air demanding everyone to stop. He looks down the line at the unabashed guitarist (not sure who… face to name thing) and says something along the lines of, “I guess someone doesn’t want to sing his part tonight. Fine, that’s the end of the song.” They move on to the next. Drama!

Btw… I’m from Mpls and was at their show at First Ave. last year and the number of fans easily doubled the number in Indy. What’s up with Indy? Not aware of good music out there? Congrats to all who were there.

Do Make Say Think were there as an opening act. A few played with BSS. They are a young and talented band who can rock when they want to rock. I met Justin and Jimmy; Justin is by far the highlight of the act, his frail, tattooed body can wail on a guitar and steal the show… good thing for Jimmy, his level head can probably (hopefully) keep Justin in line.

Scott, they have never heard of… they’ve been educated. Crazy Canadians.

Jay Flyer

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