Friday, October 14, 2005

Various musicians queue up their own eccentric playlists, courtesy of The Independent.

What will Dubya do without Karl Rove pulling the strings?

Is anyone out there even remotely excited about James Bond? If there was ever a franchise that deserved a major facelift (and I don't mean just another suave Brit), it would have to be this one. It is a shame Quentin Tarantino's offer to direct the next Bond film was turned down by producers. Or how about David Fincher, David O. Russell, Fernando Meirelles...anyone even remotely stylish or original. It would be just the kick-in-the-ass the ridiculously irrelevant character of James Bond could have used.


Anonymous said...

James Bond needs to die. Once there have been a number of spoofs, one even being a trilogy, it's time to give it up and look for something new. I mean, I've had a number of physics problems relating to figuring out if he's gonna 'make the jump'. No matter what the number was, the answer was 'yes'. So, until someone has the balls to kill him, I'm uninterested.

Anonymous said...

i like the institution tattoo link; blog more.