Monday, October 17, 2005

In case you haven't noticed, I like lists. From time to time, I'll post one here. Granted, your typical "Best of" lists are arrogant in their elitist standards, painfully obvious by what they include, and frustrating as hell by what they exclude, but damnit if they aren't fun! And so, I offer a list as published by a little known periodical, Time Magazine's 100 Best English-language Novels since 1923.
Since I can tell you're into it, go here for more lists of varied legitmacy, all nicely organized in one site: Lists of Bests

You too can experience musical bliss, minus the heat stroke (see Oct 12 posting). Our friend Largehearted Boy compiles many of the 2005 ACL Music Festival performances available for downloading.

At risk of alienating the NASCAR fans visiting my blog, enjoy some light reading on the racial politics of one of America's most beloved sports.

Just about every October, I stubbornly watch every inning of every MLB playoff game, and this year I can't get enough of the A.J. Pierzynski show. For those of you who share in my odd enjoyment of a most dubious playoff hero, this is the site for you. Don't get me wrong, I honestly like the former Twins catcher...but, are you kidding me?

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