Monday, October 24, 2005

The Guardian sits down with Matt, Eleanor, and their grandmother to discuss the new Fiery Furnaces album, Rehearsing My Choir, available 10/25. FF have always been a "love' em or hate 'em" type of band and if you've seen my profile, you know where I stand. And predictably, the early reviews are a bit harsh and I expect the hostility to continue in ernest. I've had a copy of Rehearsing My Choir for a few weeks now (signed by Matt and Eleanor even!), so I've had a fair amount of time to absorb the autobiographical ramblings of one Olga Sarantos. I'm fairly open-minded to musical experimentation and indulgence if it hits me just right, but even as a loyal FF fan, I am having some serious difficulties getting into this one. A fascinating concept album or a failed novelty? Pure genius or complete gibberish? I'm leaning towards the latter. It may grow on me as these things tend to do...if only it didn't feel like such a chore to listen to.
If anyone else out there has a listen, I'd be curious to hear your reaction.

So we had tickets to the New Pornographers show this past Saturday night. It was sure to be a fantastic set and my wife was very excited to see one of her true favorites, Neko Case. But damnit if the show wasn't canceled at the last minute!! Apparently, the same was true of the Friday night show in Madison. No idea what happened...the band's website reassures us that the shows are merely postponed. Disappointment, nonetheless.

But there's always our freaky-folky friend Devendra Banhart. He won't let us down!! I have a couple of friends who claim Mr. Banhart is a bit too keen on the subject of children, and my wife is positive he's the love child of Charlie for me, I couldn't care less if either were true. I love the guy and I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night at the Fine Line. I'll give an update on the show later this week.


Jay Flyer said...

He just might be sick. Don't be naive and leave out that possibility.

Anonymous said...

The New Pornographers Show was cancelled because of appendicitis
apparently. I think the bass player
is the one that was ill.

We were really looking forward to that
show too. One of our friends Joseph flew in from NYC to see Destroyer that night, one of the opening acts.