Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ted Leo releases new digital EP in Rapid Response to RNC

In the two weeks since the Palin convention here in St. Paul, indie stalwart Ted Leo has been hard at work and steamin' mad. As proof, he's gone and recorded a new EP titled Rapid Response featuring four tracks: two originals, two covers, all political. The juicy (and impressive) part here is that one of the original tunes, "PARANOIA: Never Enough," was written in direct response to the RNC-related shenanigans. Can't wait to hear it. The digitial-only EP is for sale at Touch 'n Go Records right now for a variety of "donation" prices ranging from $4 to $20. Even if you're not gonna buy it, check out the link if only to read Ted Leo's entertaining liner notes. Here's a pull quote to give you a taste:
We yammer on about the efficacy of trickle-down economics, but we ignore the trickle down effect that eight long years of example of contempt for the standards of the very same reasonable society this government claims to desire to defend, and the cynical exploitation of the populace via their fears and willingness to allow any transgression against their rights in the name of comfort (to inadvertently quote Shelter), but the proof of that trickle-down effect is all around, and was on display during the RNC in St. Paul.

Although his opinions (and questionable sentence structure) aren't likely be endorsed by Obama or other Democratic leaders as an official party response to the RNC, Ted certainly has something to say and that in itself is refreshing. Seeing as I'm always complaining about the noticeable lack of politically charged music around, this is a welcome development from where I stand.

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