Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Battle of St. Paul - RATM impromptu protest show at capitol comes to abrupt halt

Here's a report from Rolling Stone (and NPR video below) covering the Rage Against the Machine "surprise" protest gig held (and abruptly halted) earlier this evening at the State Capitol in St. Paul. A Zach-led march down to the XCel Center followed the festivities. Not the happiest of endings but all the same, what an experience that would have been? To march in protest against 'The Man' with self-proclaimed anarchists Zach and Tom. To think I could have spent the night in jail after having tear gas doused in my face; meanwhile the raging fury of Zach and Tom fly home on a comfy private jet after yet another raucous (and profitable) gig at the Target Center tomorrow night. Something doesn't seem right...nah, it'd be worth it.

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