Friday, March 14, 2008

SXSW - day 2

Dan the Destroyer at the Sterogum/Paste party. Free SoCo, but I'm a beer man. I'm forced to pay for my buzz. Dan plays several tracks from his new album, Trouble In Dreams, one of the best albums of 2008 so far. He wins prize for set of the day.

Just a sample of the crowd along 6th Street. People-watching is always half the fun. You've never seen so many hipsters in one place (not even in Uptown), and everyone of 'em has a Blackberry or iPhone.

The Big Sleep perform at the Red Eyed Fly's Little Radio/NoisePop party. They packed a surprising punch of intensity.

Headlining the Little Radio party, The Black Angels play a bit of new stuff from their upcoming new album. All's well but the new material sounds like a retread of Passover.

We close out the day at Auditorium Shores on for a Spoon show, fresh off their sweep of the Austin Music Awards earlier in the week. The crowd here was bordering on ACL Fest size. I love Spoon like no other, but their live show has always left me unimpressed. Maybe it's just me, but they just don't translate as well on stage. It was a great time nonetheless and a beautiful backdrop for a concert.

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