Thursday, March 13, 2008

SXSW - day 1

Landed in Austin by noon, rented the car, checked into our hotel and on 6th Street by 1:30. First day and all, the crowds were still sparse. We strolled into parties of our choice; no lines yet. We eventually settled in at the Terrorbird Media/ForceField PR party at Emo's outside stage. Sets by These New Puritans, Yacht, The Raveonettes, The Mae Shi, all excellent. My highlight of the day was saved for the conversational performance by Khaela Maricich of The Blow, complete with an awkward game of bingo for the audience.

I hate to admit that I forgot my camera at the hotel so I haven't a single pic to post. That's poor form and I apologize.

Anyway, the day shows were winding down by about 5:30 and by this time, Jose and I were dragging. We didn't have the mental cleverness or stamina to even attempt the evening showcases. Instead, we headed back to the hotel and recharged. I would have been content headed to bed early, but the night was not over for us. Not gettin' into details, I'll just leave you with this pic of Jose to intrigue your curiosity...this is Texas after all.

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Anonymous said...

Jose looks like a serial killer!
JTM, remember your camera today!