Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Irish, no really, I am

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Be merry and all that good stuff.
And by the way, this site has always been green, so that is just a coincidence.

A friend told me recently how they had just now discovered my sidebar feature to the right listing Upcoming Releases in both music and film, even though it is has been on my blog for a couple of months now. So I mention this as a somewhat self-indulgent reminder to those who may find it interesting or useful. It is true that you have to scroll down a bit on the page to view it, but from my unbiased perspective, it is the best part of the site and worth the extra energy required. I've always been looking for a good, up-to-date listing of release dates and it ain't easy to find so damnit, I'll just do it myself. It is a hell of thing to keep up-to-date but I'm doing my best. If I miss something, feel free to help me out with date changes or new additions.

On the subject of upcoming releases, I have to finally concede that is quickly taking over the online world. Why hasn't Google bought it out yet? Almost every band out there (pro & amateur) has a site and when it comes to previewing tracks from upcoming releases, it is simply the shit. A few good ones to check out:

1) Go here for the complete new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album "Show Your Bones" streaming on their myspace site for a few days prior to its release on 3/28.

2) Then go check out Built to Spill's myspace site for a few new tracks from their April release, "You In Reverse."

3) And even Grandaddy (rest in peace) has some streamable tracks from their final album, "Just Like the Fambly Cat."

Next up on the festival campaign comes Lollapalooza and yes folks, we have yet another amazing lineup of acts. I'm only going to two festivals this year, ACL and one other still to be determined. Tempting as it may be to take a relatively short trip to Chicago for this one, I see no Radiohead on the bill. These are the hard decisions in life. For those who want to ride along the festival train with me, where should we go?

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