Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Year

QUICK UPDATE: I've been slowly working on my Best of 2005, Part III which will sum up the year in film. But honestly, I've been dragging this "Best of" topic on long enough so Part III will wrap up the year officially for me.

Seriously people, how could I post without acknowledging the Longhorns' national championship victory over USC in the Rose Bowl?! It has been a longtime coming for UT after years (34) of endless potential and opportunity, resulting in inevitable disappointment. But enough of was simply an amazing game, from the lackluster beginning to heart-attack-inducing end. I've never seen anything like it, especially in the performance of Vince Young. The BCS lived up to its hype this year. Hook 'em Horns!!

In the meantime...

The holidays are over and 2006 is upon us. I hate this time of year. Winter is just settling in, the days are dreadfully short and holidays are few and far between. Seasonal depression encourages sloth-like behavior. Computer and television screens become the most intimate of companions. If you live in Minnesota, you haven't seen the sun in weeks.

That being said, a trip to the equator is sure to break up the monotony. I promised more info. on the upcoming Kenya trip. The dates are now set: Feb 11 - 27th. It is coming up fast and we're painfully excited. As I mentioned, the first week or so will be a working trip for me, though without a doubt the best business travel I could ever comprehend. And on the upside, this means all expenses are paid for my portion. While I'm toiling through hard, physical labor at Kenya Medical Research Institute, Annie will be flying solo, bravely embark on the first exploring of the region (the urban areas of Nairobi and Kisumu). Once I'm done with University business, we are hoping to head on over to the Kenyan coast on the Indian Ocean and go on a safari tour. All of these details remain pending. I'll probably be starting up another blog just for this trip: to post pictures, describe experiences and report terrorist movements within the region. So stay tuned.

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