Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today marks the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death and needless to say, the Beatles have been on my playlist all week. My favorite Beatles' album, you say? I thought you'd never ask. A tough call but, I'd have to say the White Album. I mean, Rubber Soul. Or Sgt. Peppers? No, it is definitely Revolver. Like I said, the White Album. And that's not even considering Lennon's strong solo material.
Well, whatever your taste, here's to John. May you enjoy the endless tributes on radio and television broadcasts throughout the week, featuring irresponsibly repetitive loops of "Imagine."

I haven't seen it on tv yet, but take a look at Pardon Our Dust, a riotous new Gap ad directed by the brilliantly ironic Spike Jonze. The way I see it, you can interpret this in two ways: 1) that Gap is redesigning their stores and look or 2) as a ferociously subversive Fight Club-like attack on consumerism, or more specifically the uniformly generic, bland, mass-produced culture of style that chain clothing stores like Gap represent. In fact, #2 is probably the more obvious message of the ad. And with that being said, you'd wonder why Gap would go along with this, right? Or maybe Gap just wants to be seen as knowingly clever and "in on the joke" so that idiots like myself will talk about it and further their advertising agenda. Damnit! That sounds much more likely. Well regardless, it's a fine example of good advertising. Have a lookie.

The Grammy nominations came out this morning. I'm not sure why I even bother mentioning it. Have you ever known an award show or group that is more out of touch with the field it judges? The Oscars aren't far behind, but my god...

Stylus Magazine presents their Top 50 Singles of 2005.

And lastly, as a former Austinite and Longhorn myself, let me take this moment to congratulate the University of Texas football team for its remarkable undefeated season. As everyone probably knows, the Longhorns will be playing the formidable #1 ranked USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl BCS National Championship game on January 4th. Anyone with spare tickets, please contact me immediately. Ok, to be honest, that's the only reason I am posting this. Please, anyone, I want two tickets. Thank you for your time.


~miah said...

i agree with you on the grammy nominations, i dislike them myself, but that still didn't stop me from browsing through the lists and as i did, i found that i was not disappointed...again. seriously, do they just take a handful of artists and divide the awards up evenly. why don't they just call it a 'popularity contest' or 'shit we've heard on the radio'. i will not be watching this year...again.

Mike D said...

the white albulm is their best albulm