Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pitchfork's latest feature gives long overdue attention to the worst record covers of all time. Take your time examining these fine specimens. My favorite is definitely Ted Nugent's Scream Dream. Despite these dreadful examples or maybe because of them, I love cover art and other album printed materials. In fact, my overall fetish for the actual media of music is one reason why I will never stop buying records and cds to go completely digital. More obvious arguments against digital music concern fidelity problems, inadequate compression, etc. but surely technology will do its best to bridge this gap. I guess to me there's nothing better than going through your collection, finding that perfect album for that particular moment, pulling out the sleeve, and just listening. No distractions, no web browsing, no computer, no iPod shuffle.

Here's another fine music list, this one coming from Stylus Magazine: The Non-Definitive Guide to the B-side.

Disappointing news from the television wire. Arrested Development, the funniest show on network television, is getting canceled. But on the positive side, Freddie is signed on for a full season!! Very reassuring!!

Time for another picture of my beloved kids. Nice reflection of their personalities: Stanley eager to please, Jellybean more interested in other things.

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What cute babies!