Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another great song from Sufjan

Have you heard the new Sufjan cut Sister Winter? If not, listen right now. It’s another astonishing song and the occasion has me wondering how this man can be so prolific, and yet still hit it out of the park each and every time, with almost every song no less.

Since his Avalanche of Illinois leftovers came out earlier this year, the backlash train has been gaining steam and that’s fine with me. Anyone who puts out this much material over a short period of time, all with a similar distinctive style, is sure to wear on people. Plus I’m not exactly the first fella to rant about how Sufjan is God’s gift to indie rock. Exuberant praise is a sure-fire producer of backlash.

Well, consider yourself warned because you can expect more Sufjan-bashing later this year when he releases more material, this time a choice sure to roll eyes, a 5-disc Christmas set. 'Sister Winter' is a track culled from this upcoming release which includes 5 EPs of Christmas-themed songs recorded since 2001. And yes, I'm excited for it. I haven't reached my Sufjan threshold yet so maybe I don't have one. For my taste, this guy is the real deal and the best pure songwriter and melody-maker of the last few years. So how can I burn out on that? In fact, I’m now feeling a hint of regret for missing Sufjan when he played the Paramount in Austin over the ACL weekend.

Related note of interest: Sufjan, along with Cat Power, The Raconteurs, and others recorded live performances at the Austin City Limits studio for future episodes of the outstanding program. Look for these new episodes some time this fall/winter.

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