Monday, June 12, 2006

Running on empty

Sorry folks, I got nothing. We've entered a dry spell, here, so bear with me. I'm struggling to find topics or subjects of any interest, to the extent that my sole idea is to write a post about how I have nothing to post about. And that is just obnoxious, so I won't do it again. I'll just keep to myself. I think I'm confused on what to do with this's become primarily a music blog which is not what I had in mind...I need to branch out and explore other topics...need to shake things up. So the site will be on a hiatus for a bit, a summer vacation... only to return refreshed and rejuvenated. Fitter, happier and more productive as it were.
However, I have been updating the sidebar and will keep doing so on a regular basis with links and recommendations.
I leave you with a couple pics of the kids. Have a great summer!!

1 comment:

MAL said...

Maybe SF will be refreshing...though you're going for the music.