Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Denton, TX officially on the map?

I've been to Denton and can't say the place has much of an appeal. Anything within spitting range of Dallas is not to my liking. After reading this New York Times feature piece, I'm not convinced it's the "new" Austin by any stretch, but you have to admit there's an oddly active music scene for such a small city/large suburb. This isn't news to any regular reader of music blogger and Denton-champion Gorilla vs. Bear, but now it's getting some national attention. With a pedigree including Roy Orbison, Don Henley, Sly Stone, Pat Boone and Norah Jones, there must be something in the water. Maybe the next time I drive through, I'll make a point of checking it out. Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should move to Denton instead of Pflugerville.